What is CircuACE® ?

Protects blood platelets

Scientifically proven

Patented ingredient: Fruitflow®

No side effects


CircuACE® combines with best of clinically proven, patented ingredients - Fruitflow® to help maintain healthy platelet aggregation and supports healthy circulation, blood flow and your cardiovascular system.

Blood platelets can become ‘spiky’, sticking together and forming clots. CircuACE® maintains your blood platelets’ smoothness and prevents them from sticking.

CircuACE® gets to work immediately and its benefits are long lasting, making it ideal for primary prevention.

Each softgel of CircuACE® contains two main ingredients:

150mg of Fruitflow® and 250mg of Omega-3.

Fruitflow® is a patented ingredient derived from tomatoes that helps maintain normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to healthy blood flow and is essential to circulatory and cardiovascular health.

It is the only natural antiplatelet to have a health claim approved by the European Food Safety Authority, stating that 150mg of Fruitflow "helps maintain normal platelet aggregation which contributes to healthy blood flow"1.

Omega-3 provides EPA and DHA, which may assist in stabilizing normal level of fats circulated in the blood. EPA and EHA are considered a healthy fat that support a healthy heart.

Key Features of CircuACE® :

  •    Keeps blood platelets smooth to avoid aggregation inside blood vessels1-7
  •    Strong clinical evidence in EU
    "Starts working within 1.5 hours5"
  •    May assist in stabilizing normal level of blood pressure and cholesterol
  •    Sports performance - reduce muscle soreness for a faster recovery when consumed before exercise.
  •    protects against the toxic effects of pollution
  •    ONLY 1 softgel a day
  •    Easy on the stomach
  •    No side effects


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